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The Best Essential Oils for Skin Care

More and more health and beauty care experts are using essential oils for skin care. They are putting their trust in the use of organic and natural ingredients such as pure essential oils.

At home, more people are also enjoying the benefits of pure and natural products as part of their daily skin care regimen.

The skin is our largest organ and is known to be permeable, so will absorb whatever we apply to it.  This is why we need to be especially careful of what we rub on our skin. We should take the time to read the labels of products we intend to apply to ensure that what we use does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Choosing natural based products over synthetics will allow us to pamper and beautify without absorbing toxins, so it makes sense to use organic essential oils for our skin.

Below are some examples of essential oils that you can use for your skin care treatments that will not only enhance your beauty but also to help promote overall wellness.  


Bergamot contains disinfectant and antibiotic properties that help ward off micro-organisms that can cause skin infections. Its antibacterial properties can be very beneficial for people who have acne. 

Bergamot essential oil also helps regulate oil production in the skin which is another reason why it works so effectively against acne. It also has the ability to kill bacteria before it starts causing pimples and blackheads.

Skin regeneration can also be assisted with the help of bergamot’s antiseptic properties which encourage wound healing. If you have scars caused by eczema, cold sores, acne and psoriasis, then using bergamot essential oil will prove to be very beneficial.

Experts use bergamot oil for treating patients who have problems with stretch marks and for preventing the development of new scars. 

Bergamot’s popularity in the field of skin care can also be attributed to its ability to regulate the distribution of melanin that helps even out skin tone.



Gentle-scented lavender is known to be lethal against micro-organisms that cause skin disease. A group of scientists from a university in Portugal conducted a study on lavender essential oil and its effects on pathogenic fungi. The results revealed that lavender oil is lethal to fungal skin-pathogenic strains.

Lavender essential oil functions by destroying fungal cell membranes making it highly potent for managing fungal infections. Lavender essential oils antifungal and antiseptic properties are widely used for treating several skin problems which include psoriasis, acne, wrinkles and skin inflammations.

As lavender oil improves the skins ability to heal, many people use it for treating burns, wounds and cuts. It can also be combined with chamomile oil for treating eczema.


Geranium essential oil has cytophylactic properties, helping prevent cell breakdown, and known to be effective in stimulating cellular regeneration. This is why geranium essential oil works wonders for burns, bruises, wounds and other related skin problems.

Geranium essential oil is also being used for the treatment of psoriasis, shingles, acne, ringworm and eczema. It is highly recommended for people who have dry or oily skin as it has a balancing action.

It is also found to be beneficial for treating injuries because of its haemostatic property that helps stop the bleeding. Its microbial and antibacterial properties are also helpful for preventing the development of infections on skin wounds.

The scent of these botanical essential oils has the power to stimulate the release of neurochemicals in the brain invoking a positive effect not only on the skin but also in your mind and body. 

Your own skin care regimen would benefit from the inclusion of essential oils, so pamper your skin and body the natural way.


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