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Essential Oils for Respiratory Problems

Essential oils have a long list of health benefits, including helping with respiratory problems.  Respiratory infections that involve the lungs, nose and throat have been found to respond positively to the effects of essential oils. 

Many people choose essential oils for respiratory problems as an alternative therapy in order to avoid the side effects that often occur with the use of antibiotics for treatment of these infections.

It is interesting to note that essential oils form part of the immune system of many plants. They serve as the plant’s protection against the harmful attacks of parasites, virus and fungi.

So too for human beings, essential oils can provide protection and be very beneficial for maintaining respiratory health.  

Healing Benefits

There are many kinds of essential oils that are used as part of the treatment for respiratory problems and some of these oils are obtained from lavender, tea tree, lemon, thyme, sandalwood and rosemary. Essential oils can be sourced from different plants, herbs and flowers.

These essential oils have antiviral and antibacterial effects which are helpful in fighting against disease-causing microbes in the body and can kill them before they have the chance to multiply and spread illnesses in the body. 

Essential oils can also have an antiseptic effect making it very beneficial for people with cough, colds, flu, sore throats, tonsillitis and other respiratory infections.

Another benefit of using essential oils is that they help boost the immune system. For people with respiratory infections, using essential oils can assist in the elimination of toxins while helping provide relief from symptoms.

There are also essential oils which have expectorant effects and are used for the expulsion of sticky phlegm. The expectorant effect helps promote the production of demulcent respiratory fluid that soothes the mucous membranes, giving relief from coughing.

Steam Treatments

Steam treatments will help by assisting the essential oils to go directly to the lungs and sinuses. It also allows the opening of bronchial and nasal passages as warm and moist air mixed with essential oil is inhaled and absorbed by the body.

Steam treatment can be done by simply bringing a pot of water to the boil. Once the water boils turn off the heat and let the water cool down for a minute or two.

You can then add five drops of your chosen essential oil to the water. Use a towel or blanket that is large enough to cover your head and the pot so the heat coming from the steam is contained for maximum benefit. Take care to avoid scalding from the steam!

Breathe deeply during this steam treatment to allow the essential oils to enter your nose and lungs to provide relief from any respiratory issues. Breathe in through the nose for some of the time to assist in clearing blocked sinuses.

Essential oils can also be used in hot baths as well as in humidifiers to obtain the same benefits.

Those suffering from coughs and colds can also place a few drops of oil on a piece of cloth. This can be placed inside their pillow for relief from flu-like symptoms and to enable a better night’s sleep.

Using essential oils for respiratory problems is an effective natural treatment that is definitely worth taking the time to try.

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