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Essential Oils for Depression

Increased public awareness of depression is thankfully leading to more open discussion about the many causes and also the available options for dealing with symptoms, including the use of essential oils.

Both the causes and symptoms of depression are so varied and complex that there cannot ever be one single or simple cure. Indeed for many or even most sufferers ‘cure’ in the accepted sense is not an option. What is sought are non-harmful methods to mitigate the symptoms to enable those with depression to live as whole and happy a daily life as possible.

There are of course many forms of treatment. Some have unfortunate side effects, and even many that don’t, can require a huge physical and emotional commitment for sufferers and carers. Often the effort involved in the treatment is too much to be borne by an already fragile system.

Passive treatments such as administering essential oils can be a lifeline. While not necessarily a total solution, essential oils can provide some relief with no more effort than application. As depression sufferers are very aware, relief methods are cumulative and if a better state can be reached or maintained by any method that causes no harm, it can assist the person to take other necessary steps to help with respite.

There are numerous essential oils especially utilized for depression, however, you should choose the one that you are most attracted to as the effects vary from person to person. You may find relief from one better than another, just because of the aroma ‘therapy’.

The following choices are some of the most popular aromatherapy essential oils for depression to try:


The delightful citrus smell of bergamot is invigorating and refreshing. This oil is yellow-green in color and is extracted from the peels of the bitter citrus fruit. This essential oil has been used since the earliest days of ancient Chinese medicine to relax the spirit and the mind and to help eliminate depression. Bergamot is a wonderful “pick-me-up” and is useful to help combat fatigue, stress and anxiety.


If your symptoms are the result of agitation or extreme nervousness and emotional fatigue, Neroli oil is one of the best essential oil choices to assist your system. Neroli is the citrusy, floral fragrance derived from the flowers of various orange trees. It is most commonly extracted from the Seville orange.

Neroli can be exceptionally helpful for people in a depressed state as it enables them to nourish their spirit and mind while finding the strength to ease back into the world around them.



There are two different ways to use Chamomile. Chamomile is a gentle and relaxing essential oil that is extremely soothing. This essential oil is mild enough to use as often as needed. Chamomile essential oil works well for symptoms that include irritability and moodiness and a feeling of constant dissatisfaction with almost everything.

You may also like to try a steaming cup of Chamomile tea prior to going to bed to help unwind after a long day. It is also well-known that many other essential oils can help you to drift off to sleep a little more easily.

Essential oils can be beneficial for depression by using aromatherapy oils in a diffuser, placed under your nose, or used as massage oil. You can also add a few drops to your bath water prior to stepping in. Make sure you run the bath first and then add the oil once the bathtub is full, so the oil floats on top. These essential oils can help you soothe away feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.

Using essential oils for depression is something that can be done daily. When you find an essential oil or combination of oils that provide you some relief, use them often and soak up the feelings of self-care and self-love the application gives.

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